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  Beef Biltong 50 grams
  Beef Biltong 100 grams
  Beef Ear Strips 80 grams
  Beef Ears x2 pieces
  Beef Ears x5 pieces
  Beef Ears x10 pieces
  Bully Stix
  Chicken Mince Raw 1kg
  Chicken Sausages pieces 100grams
  Chicken Sausage Sticks
  Chicken Mince Cooked 100 grams
  Chicken Mince Cooked 180 grams
  Chicken Mince Cooked 500 grams
  Empty Hooves x5 pieces
  Empty Hooves x12 pieces
  Empty Hooves x25 pieces
  Empty Hooves x100 pieces
  Gourmet Filled Hooves
  Pork Trotters small
  Pork Trotters Large
  Salmon Roulades
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