We started to manufacture dog treats in 1999 under the company name of Dog Treat Warehouse CC. We manufactured natural Pet treats for companies the biggest retail companies in SA, who further distributed our products into retail through chain shops. During the first few years we managed to export bulk quantities of Pig Ears to Australia.

Then in September 2013, Johan passed away in an accident, and we had to reconstruct the business setup.  During this time we decided to do our own range of treats with our own label instead.  So, the new ‘look’ – Picasso’s Pet Products was introduced.

The goal is to get our quality products at affordable prices to the end user. We are registered with the Department of Agriculture in terms of Act 36 of 1947, and we comply with the strict regulations regarding micro nutritional and bacterial levels as stipulated by the Act. All our products are manufactured in our processing facility, situated outside Pretoria, South Africa. As we are a small family business, we prefer to keep our range not too extended.

We only produce 100% Natural treats.  We do NOT treat any of our products with any chemicals.

That is also the reason, why we do NOT do rawhide products.  To get the desired white color, these products gets treated with very high doses of poisonous chemicals.

We firmly believe in customer satisfaction by providing excellent quality products and good service.


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