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Gourmet Chicken Filled Hooves Tub x25 - Barcode : 6009834660335

Our natural Beef hooves are hand stuffed with our homemade chicken mince filling for an irresistible chew with rich,  

long lasting flavour. Double the pleasure with filled Hooves. All the flavour of a single hoof but twice the durability.

All our Cow Hooves were trimmed and cleaned before stuffing were placed. Chewing on beef hooves helps

 satisfy your dog's need to chew while reducing tartar and plaque build-up so your pup's teeth stay healthy and clean.

Stuffed chews provide hours of tasty chewing entertainment for small, medium and large size dogs and light to moderate

chewers. Supervise your dog when giving bones and chews. Bones and chews should be larger than your dog's mouth.

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