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Beef Ears Pkt 10's Barcode:  6009834660880

Our Beef Ears are 100% digestible chew that is a healthy alternative to rawhide. Oven baked for great flavour and a chewy texture. No preservatives or added flavorings - just 100% natural beef ear. Unlike rawhide, cow ears are fully digestible

dog treats. Treats your dog to cow ear chews as it is also a great way to clean your canine's teeth. When your dog chews a cow ear, tartar and plaque are removed from your dog's teeth, leaving a cleaner, healthier mouth. Beef ears are a 

popular treat for dogs of all shapes and sizes, rich in proteien and nutritional value, and best of all, they are completely natural.  Air dried to perfection, to make an irresistible chew. A fantastic affordable, low-fat alternative to pig ears.

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