The result is a 100% all natural chew that's low in fat, high in protein, completely digestible, and a perfect accompaniment for any healthy diet. And unlike rawhides, these bully sticks are not treated with any bleach or other harmful chemicals.

Gently dried to increase toughness for a satisfying, long lasting chew, Only Natural Pet Free Range Bully Sticks are an excellent way to reduce excess tartar & plaque build up on your dog's teeth. Plus, they're a healthy, constructive outlet for dogs to get out that desire to chew.

Only Natural Pet Free Range Bully Sticks

  • 100% digestible, high in protein & low in fat
  • Completely natural & made from grass-fed, hormone & antibiotic free cattle
  • Healthy alternative to bleached & chemical treated rawhides.
  • Great for maintaining healthy teeth & gums
  • Gently dried & non-irridiated for a tough, satisfying chew
  • An excellent outlet for your dog's desire to chew

Get choosey with your dog's chews and give him the best possible product on the planet with Only Natural Pet Free Range Bully Sticks.

Available in 4", 6", 12" & 30" lengths as singles & multi-packs.

Bully Sticks vs. Rawhides: The Choice Is Clear

Natural Bully Sticks

Conventional Rawhides

  • 100% digestible & stomach safe
  • Hard to digest, leading to an upset stomach & gas
  • Made from grass-fed, free range, antibiotic & hormone free cattle
  • Processed from unhealthy feed lot cattle treated with hormones & antibiotics
  • High in protein, low in fat, & filled with naturally occurring nutrients like glucosamine
  • Highly processed junk food with little nutritional value
  • Gently dried to maximize nutrients & long-lasting chewing toughness
  • Treated with dangerous chemicals including bleach, lye, & other harsh chemicals
  • Satisfying chews & natural shape that are great for dental health
  • Short lasting & non-durable

Only Natural Pet brand products are 100% Guaranteed!

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